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Latest Features as of January 24th, 2017

Hi All,

Bellow you’ll find the most recent updates on Komet Sales that were resolved last week and deployed yesterday. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

  • KS-18273 – (Improvement) New setting added to the Standing Order section that allows the company to specify the e-mail address where the SO Changes notification should be sent to.
  • KS-18227 – (Improvement) Allows to edit the Available Quantity on the Vendor Availability through the Available Items screen even when the quantity has reached zero, avoiding to upload the product availability again.
  • KS-17725 – (Improvement) Flower Salesperson and Plant Salesperson columns have been added to the Export Ship To’s report from the Setup / Customers screen.
  • KS-17478 – (Improvement) Improvements to the scanning process: Does not allows users to scan a label twice when the box is ready to be shipped and the option M now allows users to search boxes by Lot number that haven’t been shipped by Lot number.
  • KS-18296 – (Improvement) New fields added to the Sales in Boxes domain in the Business Intelligence platform.
  • KS-18275 – (Improvement) New setting that allows companies to determine who can apply (or not) holds to a Prebook, between the Procurement Team, Sales Team or both. Enable this setting at setup > settings > Prebook settings.
  • KS-17841 – (Improvement) The lock that identifies products on hold is now shown in black color for complete holds and in grey for partial holds, so that users can easily differentiate products on hold from Sell Fast.
  • KS-13448 – (New Feature) Allows to reset the inventory for any specific position rather than reseting the whole inventory. Also lets users to export the Discrepancies Report in a more specific way (per rack position).
  • KS-16988 – (New Feature) Allows users to add a Mark Code per Prebook Item in Units. Also the invoice will group Prebooks per Mark Code when created through the Automatic Billing, Allocate or Prebook Allocations > Sell By Units.
    KS-17960 – (New Feature) Option to massively print Prebooks on the Prebook Summary screen so that users don’t need to print them one by one. This will help users to organize future sales in an easier way.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.



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