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Latest Features as of January 2nd, 2018

Hi All,

Here are our latest features as of January 2nd, 2018:

  • KS-22644 – (Improvement) – A new option by user allows you to restrict a user from being able to reopen a credit that had already been approved.
  • KS-22672 – (Improvement) – A new option under the NSF Setting allows users to modify the fee amount at the time of applying the NSF in the Payment History screen, when enabled.
  • KS-22645 – (Improvement) – Now the information displayed in the Finance Charge Processing screen will take into account the filters used in the Aging/Statement screen.
  • KS-21787 – (Improvement) – Some filters in the Prebooks screens were modified. The carrier now allows multiple selections and a new mark code filter was added for all Prebook screens. The Region of Origins filter is now available in the Fulfillment & Allocation screens and the Created On From and Created On To filters in the Standard View screen were added.
  • KS-22333 – (Improvement) Now, if the setting Ask Payment Upon Confirmation is enabled, the Open Credits associated to each Customer will be shown when applying a payment from the Add Order screen.
  • KS-22280 – (Improvement) The new API method customer.reward.set now allows to show customers’ reward points as long as a non-administrable setting is turned on for a given company. The reward points are shown in the Add Order and E-commerce list screens.
  • KS-19048 – (Improvement) The new API method inventory.update allows modifying the price and cost of an inventory line in boxes. It also allows updating Price A & B. Updating prices through this method affects K2K pricing.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.

If you have any questions, please contact us!



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