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Latest Features as of January 2nd, 2019

Hi Everyone,

These are the latest features as of January 2nd, 2019:


Grower Company Users

  • KS-26454 - (Improvement) Now, when grower companies print invoices, the system will display the stems per box instead of stems per bunch, for products within a recipe or assorted product.


  • KS-26117 - (Improvement) Shortcuts were added to the Future Inventory tab in the Add Order screen to allow the user to choose the range date to filter the inventory available.

E-commerce Users

  • KS-26588 - (Improvement) The system now displays product images for all inventory types (On Hand, Future Sales, K2K or VA), provided that they have been upload from the product set up. In case the VA product has a picture from the Vendor, then that's the image to be displayed.


Please contact us with any questions.


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