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Latest Features as of January 30th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Please find below the latest features as of today:

  • KS-23157 – (Improvement) From now, the WH mark in the shipping labels is now based on the Arrival date to be printed, not on the printing date. In that way, the WH is printed only if the Arrival Date is prior to the Shipping Date.
  • KS-22802 – (Improvement) Now, the price override for products in units coming from a Price List will only be saved if the settings Sell By Units Only, Price Override and Price List are activated or if the price is decreased.
  • KS-23194 – (Improvement) Now, when a UPC of a Prebook or a PO associated to a SO is modified, the original UPC associated to the SO is not affected. Prebooks and POs related will keep sharing the same UPC information.
  • KS-22815 – (Improvement) The Customer Code has been added to the “General customer information” box, in the Add Orderscreen.
  • KS-22783 – (Improvement) The Mark as Completed action carried out from the Fulfillment View will be on the Billed Units column.
  • KS-22735 – (Improvement) The Prebook Worksheet will now include the Prebook # at the bottom of each page.
  • KS-23080 – (New Feature) Vendor Companies integrated through K2K can now set up the number of days that an order with K2K products must be entered in advance of the ship date with the setting “Ship Days Offset”, available on the Company Setup.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.



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