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Latest Features as of July 18th, 2017

Hi Komet Users,

Below you’ll find our latest features as of last week:

  • KS-20217 – (Improvement) The shipping label design was improved for companies with the Grower Company role activated allowing them to print shipping labels with the Reference # and House # among other improvements. Companies with custom labels will continue to print their customized label.
  • KS-20437 – (Improvement) When postponing a shipment from the Grower tab, the vendor field will now be automatically filled in with the current vendor name of the line to be postponed.
  • KS-19164 – (Improvement) A new exception was added to the Invoice Change Policy “Block changes after the invoice is confirmed” in order to allow sales managers to modify invoices only if the confirmation date of the invoice is equal to the current date.
  • KS-20066 – (Improvement) The system now allows you to find orders from the Add Order screen with the new Order Browserwindow, which can be opened by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+b. Orders can be searched by Order #, Customer, Salesperson or Date range.
  • KS-20388 – (Improvement) Now the system allows searching by Case UPC or Unit UPC when adding hard goods to the inventory and when creating a Purchase Order with hard goods.
  • KS-19621 – (New Feature) The system allows to refund open credits to customers from the Receive Payment screen. Once the refund is applied, the open credit related will no longer appear in the system and the transaction will be shown as negative.
  • KS-18995 – (Improvement) The Sales in Boxes Domain of Business Intelligence now includes additional shipping and customer information.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.



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