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Latest Features as of July 19th, 2016

Hi All,

Below you can find the latest updates that were resolved last week and deployed yesterday. If you have any question please contact our support team.

  • KS-15591 – (New Feature) New API method that allows an external system to get a new password for a specific user.
  • KS-15395 – (Fix) Adjustment on the Purchase Order screen that allows users who have the multi-currency option activated to add breakdowns in the vendors currency.
  • KS-14697 – (New Feature) Now the additional charges can be also affected by the Customer Credits.
  • KS-15368 – (Improvement) New fields have been added to the prebook.details.list API method.
  • KS-15564 – (Improvement) Adjustment on the invoice setup that allows to add more numbers and letters to the VAT Code field.
  • KS-15049 – (Improvement) Changes in the workflow of the Purchase Orders. Now the orders can be automatically approved or confirmed as they are being created.
  • KS-14924 – (Improvement) The product list displayed on the Purchase Order field will only take into account the items recently purchased whenever the order is created by the vendor.
  • KS-15512 – (New Feature) New API method: category.list
  • KS-13072 – (Improvement) Adjustment on the API method that adds items to vendor availability for K2K integration.
  • KS-14954 – (New Feature) Adjustment on the Vendor Availability upload process. Now the system allows to add stems/bunch.
  • KS-14956 – (New Feature) Allows users to visualize the number of stems per bunch on the Vendor Availability screen.
  • KS-14955 – (New Feature) Mass Allocations Process that allows to allocate items with the same stem/bunch or items without this field.
  • KS-15503 – (Improvement) Allows to visualize the details of the Prebook on the Prebook Summary screen when clicking over the little circle.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.

Thank you!


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