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Latest Features as of July 25th, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Here are our latest features for last week:

  • KS-19245 – (New Feature) Two new API methods allow you to create Purchase Orders from Prebook Items. One for Solid boxes purchase.order.create and the second one for Mixed boxes purchase.order.mixed.create. These API methods can be accessed with a Vendor Token as well.
  • KS-20499 – (Improvement) The Product ID was added in the Sales in Boxes domain in the Business Intelligence and now the Product list can be exported and used to upload related information to the system.
  • KS-20382 – (Improvement) A new filter called Pending was added to the Fulfillment View screen that consolidates the data results from No and Partial filters.
  • KS-20019 – (New Feature) There is a new option in the Setup>Label Options screen that will allow users to choose whether to show the complete AWB number or display it partially in the Grower Label.
  • KS-20227 – (Improvement) The Export Order Details report will now display the Way Bill and House # for Grower companies.
  • KS-20037 – (Improvement) The Aging report found in the A/R>Aging/Statement screen can now also be downloaded as an Excel file to allow for better filtering.
  • KS-20209 – (New Feature) A new option that allows companies to upload open invoices through an Excel file without depending on Komet’s support team to do so. The option is available in the setup >> Data Import option.
  • KS-19936 – (Improvement) A new dropdown option has been added to the AWB Reconciliation report to allow you to either download the report as a detailed document showing each charge type in individual lines or as a consolidated document grouping the charge type by AWB and Invoice number.
  • KS-15639 – (New Feature) The new e-commerce visual version offers a more visually-appealing platform to buy online. Its main page will display images, names, pricing and unit type configured for each product and allows you to choose the shopping experience for each one of your customers.

Please contact us directly with any further questions.



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