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Latest Features as of July 3rd, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Here are our latest features as of last week:


  • KS-24889 - (Improvement) Invoices printed in Komet Sales now have automatic pagination.
  • KS-24874 - (Improvement) The Billed filter, available from the Allocations View was improved so now allows to filter for All the orders, regardless of their billing status.
  • KS-24428 - (Improvement) The notification message of items deletion from K2K orders was improved to better clarify the reason of the deletion.
  • KS-24754 - (Improvement) The Truck Day column was added to Order Entry >> Order Summary and Shipping>>Order Summary screens.
  • KS-24715 - (New Feature) The Truck Date field is now editable from the Order Entry screen. Users can also set a min. transit days from Shipping Options.

Admin Users

  • KS-24236 - (Improvement) A new setting was added to Invoice Options in order to ignore the criterion "Customer PO #" to consolidate invoices billed through any of the automatic processes.
  • KS-24191 - (Improvement) The Automatic Additional Charges setup was improved so the system now allows to set an amount to be charged for each box added to the orders and a minimum amount per day regardless the number of boxes sold.
  • KS-24294 - (Improvement) The Mass update option of Days of Service was improved so if the settings Show the Arrival Date Instead of the Ship Date and Outbound Freight are enabled, the system displays the Transit Days and Cube rate columns.
  • KS-24910 - (New Feature) A new option has been added to Label Options setting in order to Don't Mark Order as Printed when Sales Team Prints labels as PDF.
  • KS-24343 - (improvement) The inventory.update API method was improved so the system allows to update the quantity of product in a given inventory line. Also, The filters orderDateFrom and orderDateTo were added to the credit.details.list API method.

Accounting Users

KS-24617 - (Improvement) In order to estimate more accurately the landed cost, the system now saves up to 7 decimals in the unit cost. 

Grower Company's Users

  • KS-24708 - (Improvement) Now, the system allows companies to print several export documents for a single order a once. These documents are used for export processes from Colombia.

Inventory Users

  • KS-24379 - (New Feature) A new section was added to Inventory>> Pricing screen, which allows to set limit prices for your products offered through e-commerce. The limit prices entered must be associated to a carrier and location, in multilocation companies.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.



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