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Latest Features as of July 4th, 2017

Hello Komet Users,

You’ll find below the latest features as of July 4th, 2017:

  • KS-19515 -(Improvement)  When modifying the Product, Unit type, Vendor, Quantity, Unit cost or Box type fields of a line in the Staging Area, the system will now recalculate the price in the Prebook. This will only apply if the price was initially suggested in the Prebook.
  • KS-20098 – (Improvement) A new checkbox in the Allocation View screen allows you to exclude all the orders that have been already assigned to Future Sales. Those orders are identified with an F mark before the product description.
  • KS-20065 – (Improvement) A new option to add Tags to a Prebook item was added to the Boxes and Units sections in the Add Prebook screen. A filter was also added in the Fulfillment View to search by tagged items.
  • KS-18854 – (Improvement) The Fulfillment Worksheet printed from the Prebook Summary screen now includes columns for the vendor code and the pull quantity. The customer’s phone number was also added to the header.
  • KS-20009 – (Improvement) The Payment History Report now has two additional columns: Control Number and Customer Code. The Location Code column was added to the Payment details Report.
  • KS-19895 – (Improvement) The Sales in Boxes Domain of Business Intelligence now includes AWB information to generate reports, such as AWB, Vendor Ship Date and Port of Origin.
  • KS-19321 – (Improvement) The system allows you to Add a mark code when creating a Purchase Order for a Prebook line in units from the Bulk Purchasing Mode.
  • KS-19798 – (Improvement) The system now allows you to filter orders by AWB, Product and Order type from the Shipping>Order Summary. The filter’s also applied when generating the reports available in that screen.
  • KS-19937 – (New Feature) – A new column was added to the Setup>Users>(Grower, Customer, Company) screen to be able to view the last date in which a user logged in.
  • KS-18402 – (New Feature) A new option to print Prebook distribution label is now available in the Bulk Purchasing screen. The label contains information such as Customer, Prebook Number, Product description, Salesperson, Quantity, Mark Code, Truck Date and Tags.
  • KS-19313 – (New feature) In the Bulk Purchasing Mode there is a new option to allow to create Purchase Orders massively, allowing users to select a bunch of purchase needs lines to be all added to a PO, at once. This option only applies for lines in boxes and with all information completed.
  • KS-20104 – (New Feature) New columns were added to the Business Intelligence Credits Flowers Domain in order to generate accounting reports, such as: Invoice Total, Flower cost, Inbound freight cost, Outbound freight cost.
  • KS-19055 – (New Feature) Now the system allows companies with the company Grower rol activated adding additional information to orders from Shipping>Order Summary for export processes.
  • KS-19784 – (New Feature) The system now allows companies with the company grower rol activated adding additional information to invoices for export processes.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.

Please contact us directly with any further questions.



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