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Latest Features as of June 12th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

You’ll find below the latest updates for last week:


Admin Users

Warehouse Users

  • KS-24734 - (Improvement) The system now allows to sort Shipping Labels by Reference Number. You will find this option on Label Options Settings. If the sorting option is Ref # then the system will sort by Order first and then by Ref #.
  • KS-24716 - (Improvement) The scanning process was adjusted so the system only emits 1 beep when the Pick Ticket is changed, during the Shipping process.


  • KS-24484 - (Improvement) The setting Ask Payment Upon Confirmation now also applies in the Order Summary screen when trying to confirm a single order. The setting validation does not apply for web orders.
  • KS-24416 - (Improvement) The detailed version of Fulfillment Report has a new option to decide whether the Prebook tags should be included in the report. If the Tags are meant to be printed, they will be added under the Notes column.
  • KS-24701 - (Improvement) An improvement was made so the system takes into account Prebooks with a Truck Date up to 7 days after the current day during the Mass Allocation process.
  • KS-24239 - (Improvement) The application of additional charges on orders was improved so the system takes into consideration the Automatic Additional charges or the charges coming from the Prebook, leaving the greater when a given additional charge is duplicated.

​​​​​​​Accounting Users

  • KS-24034 - (Improvement) The total additional charges added manually to POs are now distributed within the items in the PO according to the percentage each Additional Charges represents over the subtotal cost of the PO. This will be reflected in the Other charges component of the landed cost of the product.
  • KS-24380 - (Improvement) The system now allows users to filter by several locations at once from the PO Reconciliation screen. This filter is taken into accounts for the available options in the Actions button and the system remembers the locations selected per user.


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