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Latest Features as of June 13th, 2017

Hi All Komet User,

Here are our latest features as of June 13th, 2017:

  • KS-19785 – (Improvement) An additional validation on the billing process for products coming from K2K was added.
  • KS-19701 – (Improvement) The Financial Details Report now includes the handling cost per FBE.
  • KS-19975 – (Improvement) The following fields were added to the Prebooks domain on Business Intelligence: Customer PO #, Standing Order #, Billed Units and Order Type.
  • KS-9963 – (New Feature) Assorted boxes now have a general UPC for the whole box and a specific UPC for each product within the box. This option is available on Prebooks and Purchase Orders.
  • KS-19899 – (Improvement) The Fulfillment Report in Prebooks Summary>Fulfillment View now does not take into account the date to consolidate items. However, it still consolidates items by product description, product type and unit type. Lines with notes will not be consolidated in this report.
  • KS-19405 – (Improvement) The invoice.list API method now allows you to identify if the order was created through the e-commerce platform.
  • KS-9956 – (New Feature) The system now allows creating product type Recipe through the new tabs in Setup>Product called Recipe and Labor&Materials which allow you to add components to a product, costs of each item and add notes for the product. You can add products type Recipe to PrebooksPurchase Orders and Standing Orders. They will be identified with a blue star icon.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.

Please contact us should you have any further questions.

Best Regards,


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