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Latest Features as of June 20th, 2017


Here are the latest features as of June 20th, 2017:

  • KS-19318 – (Improvement) A new warning will appear when entering a Mark Code that exceeds 20 characters in Add Prebook and Add Standing Order since it might not be fully printed on documents.
  • KS-18468 – (Improvement) If you edit an AWB in Multilocation mode from the Grower tab, the system will only update the AWB for items that belong to the locations associated to the logged user.
  • KS-19458 – (Improvement) Product Tags are now included on the file Products Report generated from the Products Setup as a new column.
  • KS-20015 – (Improvement) The prebook.details.list method can now be generated through a Vendor Token. Only the information related to the Vendor consuming the API will be returned and the Customer Info won’t be revealed.
  • KS-19995 – (Improvement) The Shipping Domain will now display the Box Codes Scanned when generating Business Intelligence reports.
  • KS-18137 – (Improvement) The system now allows you to sort the Shipping Labels for AWB. The option is available in the Setting >> Label option and also before you print labels in the Shipping Summary.
  • KS-18507 – (Improvement) When applying a payment using open credits, the system will now add the notes of the selected credits (with its corresponding icon) to the notes of the payment to be applied. Only Open credits generated for overpaymentsare taken into account.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.

If you have any further questions please be sure to contact us.

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