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Latest Features as of June 26th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Please find below our updates as of today June 26th according to your company role:


  • KS-24377 - (Fix) From now, when a Prebook is created from the E-commerce by the customer and the setting to associate the salesperson on the Prebook is enabled, the system will associate the salesperson of the customer to the Prebook, and the salescode, if enabled.


  • KS-24190 - (Improvement) Now, when a change is made on the reconciliation screens, the system recalculates the per unit landed cost of all the products that are in the Staging Area, Inventory or already invoiced, regardless whether the product is in units or boxes.
  • KS-24392 - (Improvement) The Finance Charges are now calculated up to 2 decimal places to avoid discrepancies.

Vendor Users

  • KS-24432 - (Improvement) The prebook.create API method now allows to use existing Prebooks through the parameter useExisting. The prebook.item.delete API method was adjusted so the system does not delete the product line but updates the quantity to 0 in case a vendor token is employed. The prebook.create method was adjusted so the system takes into account the price sent, in case the vendor that uses the token has the setting Allow changing sales price enabled. Finally, the parameter updatedAsOf can now be sent as a filter in the API method prebook.details.list.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.




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