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Latest Features as of June 27th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Here are our latest features as of last week:

  • KS-20098 – (Improvement) A new checkbox in the Allocation View screen allows you to filter to view only Future Sales orders identified with an F mark before the product description.
  • KS-19268 – (Improvement) A new filter was added to the Allocation View screen to be able to discriminate between items that are completely, partially or not billed.
  • KS-20067 – (Improvement) Now Standing Orders can be reactivated after they have been cancelled no matter how long it has been. Once reactivated all the actions available for Standing Orders will be enabled again.
  • KS-19989 – (New Feature) Now the system allows you to apply Mass Allocations for Vendor Availability products that don’t have a Postharvest associated.
  • KS-19456 – (New Feature) You can now add tags to Vendor Availability products through the optional Tag column on the CSV file. These tags can be viewed in Inventory/ Add inventory /Available items and used as a filter in the system.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.



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