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Latest Features as of June 5th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

These are the latest features as of last week:


  • KS-23318 - (Improvement) -  We updated the Add Prebook screen so that certain information of the Customer on the header is loaded.
  • KS-22863 - (Improvement) - Prebook items will now be listed in the order in which they were created. This applies for the next screens: Fulfillment View, Prebooks Pending to be Billed, Invoice Order Details.
  • KS-23540 - (Improvement) - A black checkmark will now signal any orders marked as synched through the API. This type of orders will not be able to be edited no matter what the invoice change policy is for the company.
  • KS-24486 - (Improvement) - A new column was added to the Add Credits screen,  just for the Box tab,  that shows the reference number of the order details.
  • KS-24286 - (Improvement)  - We have extended the total number of characters allowed for a Customer PO # on a Prebook PDF and Invoice PDF.
  • KS-24410 - (Improvement) - You can now filter by name or code on the Ship to field through the next screens: Prebook Summary, Order Summary, Open Invoices. This filter will be taken into account to export to Excel, print documents and generate reports from those screens.

Accounting Users

  • KS-24279 - (Improvement) - A new option was added to the payments’ line items on the A/R > Payment History >> Actions called Send Email to be able to add and/or edit the emails set up to receive statements.

Admin Users

  • KS-24121 - (Improvement)  - A new user setting called Allow to Modify Other Charges in Pricing Screens allows you to edit Other Charges on the breakdown of the Landed Cost displayed on the Pricing and Staging Area screens.
  • KS-24599 -(Improvement) - The Sales in Boxes domain of Business Intelligence was improved so it now includes the unit price information, either price A, B or both.
  • KS-24628 - (Improvement)  - The API method pickticket.details.list was updated to now include the carrierCode and truckDate fields as part of the response.
  • KS-24283 - (Improvement)  - The setting Additional Charges Distribution was moved to the Location Setup screen. Any multi-location companies using the setting right now will have it turned on for all the location and its functionality will remain the same.

Please contact us with any questions.



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