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Latest Features as of June 6th, 2017

Hi All,

Below you’ll find the most recent updates on Komet Sales that were resolved last week. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

  • KS-19096 – (Improvement) A new AWB Reconciliation domain was added in the Business Intelligence.
  • KS-17993 – (Improvement) A new setting called “Warn users when confirming orders that contain items with zero price” requires users to confirm orders with items that have a zero price assigned when enabled.
  • KS-19724 – (Improvement) Aging/Statement section displays a new message while retrieving the latest A/R data.
  • KS-19592 – (Improvement) Customer PO# was added to email notification sent when a order could no be invoiced because the Truck Date is in the past.
  • KS-19755 – (Improvement) Prebook Details Report now includes notes entered for the vendor in the Add Prebook screen.
  • KS-19487 – (improvement) A new column when clicking on Payment Details on the Payment History screen that allows you to see the balance of each order associated to the payment selected.
  • KS-18890 – (Improvement) Now the system will allow to create credits for products based on the unit type when the Sell By Units Only setting is enabled. Return Inventory will also be available for any quantity ignoring the pack.
  • KS-19504 – (Improvement) The Future Inventory, under the Pricing section, now displays the GPM and the unit cost.
  • KS-19377 – (Improvement) The Vendor Name and Customer Code where added to the Prebook Checkout Notification Email sent to the salesperson.
  • KS-19418 – (New Feature) A new dropdown menu has been added to the Receive Payment screen that prompts users to associate payments to a location, this field is required to proceed with payments for all multilocation companies. A filter lets you search by location.
  • KS-18503 – (New Feature) The Aging/Statements tab has a new Aging Details Report sorted by customer. The report shows the exact aging based on an “as of” date ignoring any payment made after that date.
  • KS-15128 – (New Feature) A new option for postponing several POs at once was added to the Confirm POs screen under the Grower section. The Postpone Shipment option will apply for all the lines listed in the grid.
  • KS-19627 – (New Feature) A new option for postponing pending Prebooks from the Order Summary screen. This option will postpone the entire Prebook one day even if some items have been already billed.
  • KS-18820 – (New feature) The Finance Charges Setting now allows you to enable the process as “manually”. If unable, a button “Generate Finance Charges” will be displayed in the Aging/Statement tab allowing you to select a bunch of customers to apply the Finance Charges based on the current date.
  • KS-19625 – (New Feature) Two new fields Amount Received and Change were added to easily know the amount of money that must be given back in the Payment Information screen when confirming an Order in the Add Order screen. This option will only appear when the Ask Payment Upon Confirmation setting is enabled. If there is an amount owed, the value will be negative.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.



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