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Latest Features as of March 13th, 2018

Hi Komet Users,


Below you’ll find our latest features as of last week based on your company role:


For Salespeople:

  • KS-23529 – (Improvement) Now, when adding hard goods to an Invoice, users will be able to edit the price of the product line directly from the grid without having to click on Edit.
  • KS-22865 – (Improvement) Now, when the option Additional Charges on Documents is enabled, the user will be able to select if the additional charges must be proportionally added to each item within the order or print them in a regular way, as separated lines.
  • KS-23303 – (Improvement) The detailed version of the Fulfillment Report now includes the date and time of the Prebook line creation. Also, new sorting options were added.
  • KS-23273 – (Improvement) The system now allows to allocate Prebook items in units directly from the Add Prebook screen through the Units to Allocate field. In order this option to work, the settings Sell By Units and Allow Selling Over Available Quantity must be enabled and the Prebooks in Units must be billed as boxes setting must be disabled.
  • KS-23294 – (Improvement) Now, when users open the search fields from the Order Summary screen, the system will place the cursor on the Customer field by default.


For Procurement Teams:

  • KS-23631 – (Improvement) If the Prebook associated to the PO is Ship Via Grower, the system will include the Carrier Account Number within the Purchase Order printed, next to the Carrier name.
  • KS-23428 – (Improvement) The Corporate Process (for multilocation companies) was adjusted in order to retain the Customer Transfer once the Product is allocated and transferred to the Staging Area.
  • KS-21497 – (Improvement) When a product is postponed from a Purchase Order, and the truck date of the new Prebook is before the truck date of the current Prebook, the system will not generate a new Prebook.


For Admin Users:


Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.




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