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Latest Features as of March 20th, 2018

Hi Everyone, Please find below our updates as of today March 2oth according to your company role:



  • KS-23451 – (Improvement) Now, when creating a Prebook or an Invoice and you select a carrier and then change the Ship Datefor a day where there is not carrier set up, the system will retain the original carrier of the order.
  • KS-23480 – (Improvement) Now, when users on the Vendor Company try to confirm K2K Orders with items non-checked out yet by the final customer, they will be informed that those items will be deleted from the order.
  • KS-23801 – (Improvement) The checkout notifications emails sent to E-commerce users now display links to download the Komet Sales Mobile App.
  • KS-22148 – (Improvement) Vendor Companies, with the K2K integration enabled, can now quickly find orders coming from K2K integration by typing K2K, in the order # field.
  • KS-23606 – (Improvement) The system displays a new column name Prebook number for items in units in the Add Orderscreen. By clicking on it, the system will take you to the Add Prebook screen to see all the information of the Prebook
  • KS-23269 – (Improvement) The system now allows adding notes on Prebooks so they are reflected on Invoices once the product is successfully billed. This option works for Automatic Billing, Allocations, and Fill From Open Market billing methods.


Warehouse Users

  • KS-22719 – (Improvement) When the Remote Printer option is enabled as well as the print documents upon confirmationoption, the system will no longer mark the documents as “Printed” when the printer set up is named “NO_PRINTER”.

Admin Users

  • KS-23797 – (Improvement) A new role was added to the available company user’s roles named Fulfillment. Users with this role will have access to all the Prebook Summary screens but will not be able to create Prebooks. Please be aware this role will only allow up to 3 sessions per user once the concurrency feature is released.
  • KS-23584 – (Improvement) The system now allows to search customers by billing city and contact name from the CustomersSetup screen.
  • KS-23679 – (Improvement) The Commissions Report, printed from the Reports tab now includes the GPM of each sale.
  • KS-23250 – (Improvements) An improvement was made in order to display correctly on the invoices information in Mandarin language.

Feel free to contact us with any follow up questions.



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