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Latest Features as of March 6th, 2018

Hi Komet Users,

Below you’ll find all our latest updated as of last week, according to your role:

For Salespeople:

  • KS-22678 – (Improvement) The Detailed Credits Report now includes information of Returned Taxes and Tax Percent, if applicable.
  • KS-23320 – (Improvement) The Fulfillment Worksheet now includes special instructions added to the Prebook in the header of the document.
  • KS-23321 – (Improvement) The Messages sent by a customer user from the E-commerce now include the Customer Name set in the Customer setup screen. Also, the look and feel of the email was improved.
  • KS-23145 – (Improvement) The system now includes the Today’s Sales, Sales MTD and Sales MTD for the previous year, in the Add Order screen, below the customer information.
  • KS-23239 – (Improvement) The system now includes a filter per category in the Prebook Standard View, Fulfillment View and Allocations View.
  • KS-23281 – (Improvement) The system now allows to change the price of a Prebook line from the Add Prebook screen, without having to go to the Actions column and click on the Edit option.

For Procurement Teams:

  • KS-22782 – (New Feature) The system now allows the procurement team to add comments to Prebook lines from the Bulk Purchasing Mode and Single Purchasing Mode.
  • KS-23603 – (Improvement) The system now allows consolidating Purchase Orders for Future Sales with those coming from Prebooks.
  • KS-23348 – (Improvement) The UPC label of hard goods now includes the vendor name and SKU code (if applicable) below the price.

For Admin Users:

  • KS-22504 – (Improvement) A new option was added to Future Sales settings, in order to Skip the Local After value set up per product or category in all the screens where this information is used and will only consider the Truck Days After value for displaying Future Sales products.
  • KS-23276 – (Improvement) A new setting was added to the Invoice Options in the company set up in order to warn users if they confirm invoices for the future.
  • KS-21898 – (Improvement) The cashier role has been added to company user roles. Users with this role have access to Order Summary, Add Order, Open Invoices, Receive Payment, and Payment History screens.
  • KS-23015 – (Improvement) The Top Ten Customers, in the Sales Dashboard provides now the option of displaying the top 15 and top 25 customers. Also, new filters were added such as Year to date and Last Year to Date.
  • KS-22864 – (Improvement) The system includes new setting per user to restrict users of confirming orders with a past date. The setting is named Do not allow to confirm orders in the past.
  • KS-23148 – (Improvement) The Komet to Komet integration for Product Needs, now takes into account the currency of both Vendor and Buyer companies so prices and costs are displayed correctly, according to the company’s currency.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.



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