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Latest Features as of May 1st, 2018

Hi All,

Here are our latest features as of today according to your role:


  • KS-23749 - (Improvement) Now, when users try to postpone Prebook items from the Add Order screen, the system will only postpone the lines still pending to be billed.

Admin Users

  • KS-23920 - (Improvement) The system now allows to set up massively the Days of Service for several customers at once from the Customer Setup screen. Make sure to apply at least one filter before you perform this action!
  • KS-23933 - (Improvement) Several adjustments were made on the K2K integration for Product Availability. The carrier mapping process was improved so the system saves the carrier mapped on the customer Ship To. Now when an order is confirmed by the Vendor Company, the AWB created on the Buyer company will appear as printed on the AWB Summary. Also, the system will correctly associate salespeople to Prebooks created through K2K.
  • KS-24272 - (Improvement) The E-commerce setting Max Order Days in Advance now applies also for K2K products in the K2K integration for Product Availability.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.




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