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Latest Features as of May 23th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Here are our latest features as of May 23th, 2017, tons to look through after the holiday!

  • KS-19483 – (Improvement) A Cap per day field was added to Automatic Additional Charges setting when the Amount Type chosen is the company’s currency. This allows users to determine the number of times per day the amount should be charged as an Additional Charge.
  • KS-18488 – (Improvement) A new setting called AutoConfirm E-commerce Orders by Customers on Checkout allows your customers to bypass the approval process when placing orders through e-commerce when enabled.
  • KS-19191 – (Improvement) In the A/P>PO Reconciliation screen, the system will show a “loading” icon next to Purchase Orders whose Additional Charges have not been processed to avoid sending Purchase Orders without Additional Charges to an external system.
  • KS-19269 – (Improvement) Invoices will now show the last payment method and reference number associated to it. Additionally, if the invoice has been completely paid, a “Paid” watermark will be added to the invoice.
  • KS-19176 – (Improvement) New fields Bed% and Notes were added to the production sheet. Also, the dates will be displayed in dd/MMM/yyyy format.
  • KS-19454 – (Improvement) The “customer.add” y “customer.update” API methods were adjusted to accept spaces after the semicolon when adding emails.
  • KS-19254 – (Improvement) The Payment History Report’s PDF now has two additional columns with its respective descriptions: Customer Code and Location Code.
  • KS-19173 – (Improvement) The Pick ticket will now display the Sub marking for unit items allocated as well as notes of the Prebook (when available).
  • KS-19391 – (Improvement) The system will no longer allow to scan a box twice, even if it’s being scanned for different Pick tickets.
  • KS-19205 – (Improvement) The total of the boxes will now be shown in the The Process Order screen that populates when clicking the Process and Send Order del Bulk Mode.
  • KS-19181 – (Improvement) The Unit Cost in the Sales Details Report will now be calculated by first removing the Unitary Handling Cost and then applying the percentage of commission.
  • KS-18506 – (Improvement) There is a new “Processed By” column in the A/R > Payment History screen where the system will show who processed the payments along with the date and hour.
  • KS-19113 – (New Feature) The new setting “Allow sales people to choose a Price List for a Prebook” will show a dropdown price list when creating/editing a Prebook. Activate in Setup>Settings>Prebook Settings and will be available by location for multilocation companies.
  • Other minor fixes or bugs.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.



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