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Latest Features as of May 29th, 2018

Here are our latest features. Find the most suitable for your company role.


  • KS-23930 - (Improvement) The Fulfillment Worksheet, printed from the Fulfillment View is now available for the Remote Printing feature.
  • KS-24376 - (Improvement) The option Fill From Open Market was adjusted, so the system displays the correct name of the item available when this is part of the breakdown, even if the main product line is on hold.
  • KS-24119 - (Improvement) The Shipment Report and Future Shipment Report, available from Order Entry and Prebook Summary screens, can now be generated for multiple locations at once, in the case of multilocation companies.
  • KS-24036 - (Improvement)  The system now allows to change the quantity to bill from an item in the Items Pending to be billed window available in the Add Order screen. The real quantity of the item in the Prebook does not change and the remaining quantity is still showed pending to be billed.
  • KS-23365 -(Fix) An adjustment was performed so the system takes the ship date of the order correctly in order to better control the amount applied per day for additional charges.


  • KS-24115 - (Improvement) A new setting has been added to Sell by Units settings, in order to decide if the Vendor information should be kept once a box is opened and its content transferred to the unit's inventory.  A column named Vendor will appear in the Order Summary >>Order Details, Inventory in units, and Add Order screens.
  • KS-24116 - (Improvement) A new option was added to the Additional PO Charges setting, in order to enable users to decide if the Additional Charges must be or must not be included on the total cost of the Purchase order when creating a Purchase Order and from PO Reconciliation screens.
  • KS-23319 - (Improvement) A new setting has been added to Tax settings, in order to allow users to set tax rates to non-taxable customers and let the salesperson decide whether or not to apply taxes to those customers when editing a Prebook or an Invoice.
  • KS-24186 - (Improvement) A new option was added to the product alias setting of Order Entry options, in order to allow users to decide whether the product aliases should be saved and remembered or not, as the users are entering these values.
  • KS-24000 - (Improvement) Customer Companies can now set up a GPM for all the products purchased on E-commerce coming from K2K integration. This option is available on the e-commerce settings and overrides the GPM set per location as long as it's a K2K sale.
  • KS-24342 - (Improvement) The banner set up for the company (or location) now applies for the e-commerce visual. Also, the rules and condition entered in the e-commerce setup are now visible for this e-commerce version.
  • KS-23952 - (Improvement) The Invoice Disclaimer setting has been renamed as Invoice Custom Information since it not only allows to enter a disclaimer but also the payment information, which will appear at the header of the invoices.
  • KS-21560 - (Improvement) The K2K synchronization process was adjusted so the system takes into consideration the Fuel Surcharge and the Outbound Freight (set up in the vendor company for the customer company) to calculate the landed cost in the E-commerce visual.
  • KS-22457 - (Improvement) The look and feel of the email sent to users to reset the password was improved so the information displays more clearly.

Accounts Receivables

  • KS-24280 - (Improvement) A new button named Save & Print has been added to the Receive Payment screen, to allow the user to Save the payment and Print the PDF at the same time.
  • KS-24278 - (Improvement) The report generated from the Export to Excel option of the Open Invoices screen now includes the Ship To Name of the order.

Accounts Payable

  • KS-23702 - (Improvement) The reports Inbound Truck Reconciliation Details, AWB Reconciliation Details and PO Summary now include information on the vendor's currency, in case it differs from the company's currency.


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