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Latest Features as of May 30th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Here our the latest features as of May 30th, 2017:

  • KS-19898 – (Improvement) A new checkmark was included in the Bulk Mode grid to mark Prebooks that have been completed manually.
  • KS-15332 – (Improvement) A new setting allows companies to establish which users can set a payment date different from the date the payment is actually done.
  • KS-19921 – (Improvement) In the Invoices Order Details and as well as in the Invoice the lines of the same product are consolidated even with those that have different packing, as it is shown in the Add order screen. This applies when the setting Sell by units only is enabled.
  • KS-18797 – (Improvement) Now the system re-calculates taxes when a customer is changed based on their tax configurations while creating or editing an order in the Add Order screen.
  • KS-19889 – (Improvement) When scanning boxes out, a box will only be validated as shipped when the company has the Validate Shipping Status on Receiving setting enabled.
  • KS-19607 – (Improvement) The Carrier has been included in the audit when calculating the price in a Prebook.
  • KS-18504 – (Improvement) The system will now flag all orders whose payments have been rejected for NSF. This new way to identify rejected payments is shown in the Open Invoices screen.
  • KS-19896 – (Improvement) When a box must be opened, the Customer Code is replaced by the word UNITS in the box labels (shipping and receiving).
  • KS-18270 – (New Feature) Now you will be able to skip entering a payment for customers with the option Ask Payment Upon Confirmation setting activated by submitting the admin’s or sales manager’s password. The user who authorized to proceed will be recorded in the Open Invoices screen.
  • KS-16293 – (New Feature) The Purchase Order details with breakdown Report is now available in the Grower>Confirm POs screen. If the user logged in is a Grower, the report will only display their particular information.
  • KS-16397 – (New Feature) When synchronizing PO Reconciliations with Tecsys, the system will take the PO’s TruckDate whenever the Inventory Date is blank and will be used as the Arrival Date.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.



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