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Latest Features as of May 31st, 2016

Hi All,

These are the most recent updates that were resolved lately and deployed today. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our support team is always available to help you!

  • KS-14813 – Allows to separate hard goods in different categories.
  • KS-14809 – Invoice improvements and fixes.
  • KS-14603 – Information added to the Business Intelligence Domain in order to complete the reports: Gross Profit Margin (%), Origin, Full Box Equivalence, Total Box Sales, Inbound Freight Cost, Customer and Invoice Number.
  • KS-14645 – Business Intelligence Domain description update.
  • KS-14299 – Adjustment that allows to receive the cost per company through K2K Integration.
  • KS-14348 – Bunches option added to the Vendor Availability model as obligatory whenever the product is a box type.
  • KS-14297 – Allows to publish the real price of the product on K2K integration taking into account the transportation costs.
  • KS-14761 – Customized invoice improvements and fixes.
  • KS-3760 – Allows to set the price to future sales through the pricing window.
  • KS-14229 – Allows to visualize if an user is active or inactive on the Business Intelligence platform. This feature applies to “Sales in Boxes” and “Sales in Units” Domains.
  • KS-1331 – New E-commerce update: When billing from the principal grid, the system would take the price of each grower in case the chosen quantity involves more than one grower.
  • KS-11410 – Updates on the login processes in order to reduce the number of HTTP requests and increase speed.
  • KS-9772 – Upgrade of the Business Intelligence platform to the latest release from Jasper.
  • KS-14549 – Improvements in Excel format of the Air Waybill Liquidation Report.
  • KS-14721 – New fix on the Customer Dashboard that allows to visualize account information on Firefox.
  • KS-13740 – Updates on Vendor Availability: improvement on variable management.
  • KS-3431 – Allows users to visualize on the order summary screen when flowers on that order haven’t arrived yet knowing exactly what can or cannot be confirmed.
  • KS-3429 – New update that shows the Purchase Order number next to the lot number.
  • KS-3209 – Allows to visualize the order status on the receive payments page for users to confirm the status before posting the payments.
  • KS-2696 – When submitting a “date from” in the platform, the same date will be automatically added to the “date to” field and can be modified for future dates.
  • KS-2618 – Improvement that allows to upload pictures without modifying the format.
  • KS-2407 – Customer number information added to the Standing Order screen.
  • KS-2404 – Improvement on the Gross Product Margin field on the order summary.
  • KS-2299 – Colors added to the pricing, inventory and staging pages.
  • KS-2294 – New update that does not allows to re-confirm an order that has already been confirmed without notifying the user.
  • KS-2292 – New update that notifies the user on the order summary if there are any orders that are pending on the E-commerce.
  • KS-2137 – New update on the E-commerce portal that notifies the user when an order has already been confirmed before allowing users to add something to that order.
  • KS-14548 – Adjustment on the Inventory Movement Report so that the Dump column includes the orders made to the Dump accounts.
  • KS-2252 – Improvement that limits the amount of days when placing an order. The system will notify the user the amount of days selected to validate the information is correct.
  • KS-2249 – Created By field: New field added to the invoice details that allows to specify the name of the user who created it.
  • KS-2139 – New credit option that allows to return the product to inventory.
  • KS-2142 – Allows to customize the invoice: Users decide whether to include or not the Breakdowns in the invoice depending on the customer’s preferences.
  • KS-2141 – Allows to add all items on the order entry. The system will display the selection before confirming it. Once it is confirmed, the system will proceed with the ordering process.
  • KS-13157 – E-commerce improvement that allows to buy boxes from the Vendor Availabilty.
  • KS-13149 – Adjustment on the Purchase Order page that takes into account the changes on the new model of the Vendor Availability in boxes.
  • KS-13147 – Allows to visualize on the Prebook the “box type” items as well as the corresponding BoxType, and also the Stem/Bunchs associated. In this step, this fields cannot be modified.
  • KS-13074 – Allows to visualize the available “box type” items of the Vendor Availability and the corresponding BoxType, as well as the Stem/Bunches associated to each line.
  • KS-13073 – Allows to visualize the “box type” items on the staging area of the Vendor Availability.
  • KS-13151 – Allows to make the allocation in units on the automatic processes and only allows to make the allocation in boxes when it is made manually.
  • KS-14532 – New brand field domain on the Business Intelligence that allows to visualize which brand belongs to which vendor from where the product comes from.
  • KS-3088 – Now the system automatically prints the phone number of the customer on the invoice.
  • KS-2298 – Allows salespeople to administrate the users of the E-commerce portal.
  • KS-3670 – Allows to block dates when shipping is not available.
  • KS-14588 – Invoice improvements and fixes.
  • KS-14613 – Assorted filter added to the Grower Confirm PO field.
  • KS-14424 – Allows to control pricing through the price markup setting applied to GPM (Gross Profit Margin).
  • KS-12459 – Allows to add hardgood products in the Order Summary search filter.
  • KS-14734 – The barcode representing the Bill of Lading and order number will be now printed on the invoice allowing users not to print the Bill of Lading when delivering the product to the client.
  • KS-14776 – New Business Intelligence sales report that allows to create a report per product in prices and boxes.
  • KS-14786 – When accessing the system, it will automatically place the focus on the first search field in order to make it more efficient.
  • KS-14839 – Allows to visualize taxes on the invoice.
  • KS-14777 – New Business Intelligence report per client that indicates the prices, full of boxes and the client’s location. This allows to visualize the sales geographical location and the average profit.
  • KS-14406 – Business Intelligence report that allows to identify the fresh cut flowers and hardgood products that haven’t been used in the system.
  • KS-14774 – New Business Intelligence report that allows to visualize the sales volume in prices and full boxes per month.
  • KS-14811 – Allows to visualize the additional charges added to the invoice.
  • KS-14773 – Business Intelligence report that allows to visualize the sales average per client in amount of money and full boxes in a determined period of time.
  • KS-14775 – Business Intelligence report that allows to visualize the Standing Orders and Open Market per client in amount of money and full boxes.
  • KS-14802 – Allows to manage the Number of Copies field in the printers administration page. If the user doesn’t add any value, the system will automatically save one copy.

Thank you,


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