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Latest Features as of November 21st, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Here are the latest updates as of November 21st, 2017.

  • KS-21449 – (Improvement) A new option called Print Labels Upon Receiving was added to label options in order to choose which type of labels should be printed upon receiving with the scan gun: Box labels or Distribution Labels.
  • KS-21462 – (Improvement) Email notifications sent to sales and procurement users when POs are canceled and credit limits are modified will now only be sent to users associated to the PO’s location (in the first scenario) and to the main location of the customer (in the second case).
  • KS-21734 – (Improvement) The Credit Details Report printed from the Credit Summary now brings information about credits in units and hard goods.
  • KS-21714 – (Improvement) The Aging Report (both PDF and Excel) printed from the Aging/Statements screen, will now include the credits approved for each period if the Subtract open credits from the aging summary option is enabled.
  • KS-21990 – (Improvement) The customer is not longer mandatory as an input parameter in the customer.shipto.list API method. However, users might send either the customerId, name, or the updatedAsOf as an input parameter.
  • KS-22092 – (Improvement) The inventory.list API method will now return the product code, when applicable.
  • KS-22205 – (Improvement) The Product Code column was added to the report generated from the Export Details option, on the Grower>PO Summary
  • KS-22188 – (Improvement) The system will now only take into account Prebooks with a Truck Date up to 5 days after the current day for the Mass Allocation process.
  • A few minor bugs and issues.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.



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