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Latest Features as of November 6th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Here are the latest features as of last week:


Procurement Users

  • KS-25608 - (Improvement) A new option per user has been added in order to allow editing the price from the Bulk Purchasing Mode.

Admin Users

  • KS-21724 - (Improvement) The system now allows users to upload/update customers massively from the Data import screen.


  • KS-26193 - (Improvement) An improvement was made so the system filters correctly by AWB units and boxes in the Order Summary and reflects this in the Export Details option.

Grower Companies' users

  • KS-24238 - (Improvement) The invoice prefix per customer, available for Grower Companies now appears on the different export documents for Colombia along with the invoice number.
  • KS-25567 - (Improvement) The system now allows grower companies to set up the Incoterms per Customer so they are reflected on invoices.


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