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Latest Features as of November 7th, 2017

Hi All,

Here are our latest features as of today:

  • KS-21698 – (Improvement) A new option called Receive Payment was added to the Order Entry screen in order to allow users to register payments upon confirmation. The option can be enabled on a per-location basis under the Order Entry settings.
  • KS-21572 – (Improvement) E-commerce customers will now be able to review the additional charges and taxes that may apply to the orders placed before the checkout process since the order now shows the subtotal broken down. This does not apply to orders type “Prebook”.
  • KS-21957 – (Improvement) If the setting Generate Consecutive Number for AWB is enabled, the system will sort the items in the Pick Ticket by AAO number (AWB Arrival Order).
  • KS-21446 – (Improvement) If the settings Prebooks in units must be billed as boxes and Allow users to allocate multiple Prebook lines with the same PO line are enabled, and users perform allocations of Prebook in units using a PO in boxes, the remaining units of the PO can be used to carry out another allocation for the same carrier, customer, and truck date.
  • KS-21511 – (Improvement) If the conditions are fulfilled, the system will automatically bill in boxes several Prebooks in units with the same Customer, Carrier and Truck Date. If not, the products will remain in the inventory and a message will let users know the order should be billed manually.
  • KS-21423 – (Improvement) The Fulfillment Worksheet printed from the Prebook Summary now includes contact information related to the Ship To added to Prebooks.
  • KS-21861 – (Improvement) The purchase.order.list API method now includes in its response the notes for vendors added to the Prebook item.
  • KS-21938 – (Improvement) The Sales in Hard Goods domain now includes the SKU number in the product section.
  • KS-21510 – (Improvement) The system now allows to print Inventory Labels and Shipping labels from the AWB Summary. The system will print them based on the status of the box.
  • KS-21407 – (Improvement) The system now allows to set a maximum number of days that products of a category will be available on the Inventory Summary and Add Order screens.
  • KS-21969 – (Improvement) Users can now upload product images for the E-commerce Visual in different dimensions and resolutions, maintaining a good quality.
  • KS-21706 – (New Feature) The system now allows to add vendor product aliases either from the Single Purchasing ModeBulk Purchasing Mode, and Standalone Purchasing Mode. There is also a new screen called Vendor Product Aliases available on the products set up where users can add, edit, delete product aliases on a per vendor basis. Also, the PDF of  POs and Shipping labels print the Product Alias instead of the Company’s product description. All this can be enabled by a setting available in the Purchase Order Options.
  • KS-22085- (Improvement) To provide further clarity on the uploading process of open invoices, the instructions displayed on the Data Import>Open Invoices screen were modified.
  • A few minor bugs and fixes.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.


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