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Latest Features as of October 10th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Please find below the latest features as of today:

  • KS-21521 – (Improvement) – The AAO is now printed on the Pick Ticket, only when the corresponding feature is enabled.
  • KS-21267 – (Improvement) A new PDF report called “Fulfillment Forecast “can be now generated from the Prebooks>>Fulfillment View with the forecast of Prebook items with a truck date within a seven-day range. This reports displays total in units.
  • KS-20581 – (Improvement) In the K2K PB’s & POs integration, when the customer company receives an order which is Ship Via grower, the products will automatically be confirmed from the Staging Area.
  • KS-21387 – (Improvement) Now the Fulfillment Detailed Report found under the Fulfillment View screen will display the Customer Name rather than the Customer Code and will be printed in a landscape format.
  • KS-21106 – (Improvement) Now the system will make the 3-beep sound once an order has been completely scanned no matter whether puller has been assigned or not.
  • KS-21274 – (Improvement) The category setup now allows you to have an Accounting Sales Code and an Accounting Purchasing Code. The previous Accounting Code field was renamed to “Accounting Sales Code”.
  • KS-21371 – (Improvement) The Confirmed on Date field was added to the Sales by Units Business Intelligence domain.
  • KS-21431 – (Improvement) The CSV file used to upload Vendor Availability inventory, now allows to separate the items within the file either by colon or semicolon.
  • KS-20738 – (Improvement) The customer.details.get API method will now return the Main Location and the days of service set up for the customer and its corresponding carriers. In Multilocation companies, this information will be taken from the customer’s main location. For the Customer.Shipto.list API method, the Carrier Code was added to the output.
  • KS-21408 – (Improvement) The new parameter UpdateAsOf in the API method customer.shipto.list will now allow you to filter all the Ship Tos updated from a specific date forward.
  • KS-21550 – (Improvement) The Open Invoices Excel file uploaded from the Data Import section, now allows the date format MM/DD/YYYY in the Invoice Date field.
  • KS-21571 – (Improvement) The Product Availability report was improved so that when you filter by aging with a value greater than the one setup for your Truck Days After, it will not include future inventory.
  • KS-21494 – (Improvement) The report Aging By Sales in PDF and Excel will now display the payment terms.
  • KS-20074 – (Improvement) The system will display the FOB price if the price of the line was suggested by the system and if the Show FOB price is enabled for a given customer, in the Allocation screens.
  • KS-21531 – (Improvement) The Territory field was added to the Credit in Boxes, Credit in Units, Sales Total and Sales in Units domains to generate Business Intelligence reports. This will allow you to generate reports by the customer Territory.
  • KS-21303 – (New Feature) The system now allows you to upload Open Credits into Komet Sales through an Excel file. The open credits uploaded will be saved in the system as Balance adjustments for the customer.
  • Other minor bugs and fixes.



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