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Latest Features as of October 16th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Here are our latest features as of last week:



  • KS-25764 - (Improvement) From now on, in the Fill From Open Market option, the user will be able to allocate a higher quantity than the quantity presold in the Prebook while allocating Units to Future Inventory.
  • KS-26040 - (Improvement) The Prebook Allocations View now includes the Customer Code and Ship To columns. Click on the gear icon if you need to display these columns.

Admin Users

  • KS-25879 - (Improvement) From now on, during the synchronization process with Carlstedts, the system will consider the Fuel Surcharge if this is enabled for the customer entered. The Outbound Freight will be ignored.
  • KS-25597 - (Improvement)  A new API method named inventory.delete was added. This method allows deleting completely an inventory line. This can be accessed with a Customer type token.
  • KS-24880 - (Improvement)  A new setting is available to restrict the access to the E-commerce site on behave of a specific Customer. This can be set on a per-user basis.

Procurement Users

  • KS-25300 - (Improvement) From now on, multilocation companies' users will be able to filter orders from one location up to 8 months of difference between truck date. In case you select more than one location, the difference between both dates cannot exceed one month. 

Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions!



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