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Latest Features as of October 2nd, 2018

Hi All,

Here are our latest features as of October 2nd, 2018:


KS-25140 - (Improvement)  From now, the system allows users adding notes for the invoice during the Standing Order creation process. The notes added will be transferred to the Prebook and then to the invoice once the product is billed.

Admin Users

KS-25547 - (Improvement)  The Landed Cost as Price option, available on a per customer basis now applies also for units.
KS-25697 - (Improvement)  The unconfirm parameter was added to the invoice.mark.sync.status.error API method in order to indicate whether the order must remain confirmed or not.

Warehouse Users

KS-25607 - (Improvement) A new column with checkbox option has been added to the Staging Area screen in order to allow users marking the items that should not be opened if the setting to move Open Market boxes to inventory in Units is enabled.

Accounting Users

KS-25139 - (Improvement) The system now allows users to filter by several carriers at the same time in the PO Reconciliation screen.

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