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Latest Features as of October 4th, 2016

Hi All,

Below you can find the latest updates resolved last week and deployed yesterday. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team!

  • KS-16801 – (Improvement) Adjustment to the process of the Set Real Cost of the AWB. Now the system takes the price of $0 when the user enters this value on the screen. This will remove this cost of all products on the respective AWB.
  • KS-16741 – (Improvement) Improvements on the process that stores the Spec Sheets into the system. Some fixes have been applied.
  • KS-16555 – (Improvement) New option to filter by Customer Type in the Staging Area.
  • KS-15923 – (Improvement) New option to print the final customer name on the grower labels.
  • KS-16554 – (Improvement) The Salesperson name has been included in the Purchase Order e-mail notification.
  • KS-16563 – (Improvement) Some improvements have been applied to the tablet app for Grower Production users.
  • KS-16455 – (Improvement) Temporary AWBs can be now confirmed on the staging area and transferred to the inventory.
  • KS-16613 – (Improvement) Users will now be able to apply some filters in the Manage Remote Printers screen.
  • KS-16814 – (Improvement) When editing an AWB the system will allow users to filter by location on the Grower / AWB Summary and it will only show the lines from the location chosen.
  • KS-16662 – (New Feature) Mark Code field has been added to the Distribution Labels.
  • KS-13996 – (New Feature) New option that allows the sales manager to update inventory prices by uploading excel files.
  • KS-16377 – (New Feature) New screen added to the system that allows users to manage Future AWBs. Vendors will be able to choose the AWB number from the list instead of entering it manually.
  • KS-16573 – (New Feature) New setting that allows users to determine which products will be shown on the tablet. This applies for Grower Production users.
  • KS-15221 – (New Feature) Now the system allows the salespeople to keep record of the lost sales opportunities.
  • KS-15132 – (New Feature) The Future Inventory can now be associated to a price list.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.

Thank you!


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