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Latest Features as of October 9th, 2018

Hi All,
Please find below the latest updates on Komet Sales resolved last week and deployed last week. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question. Our support team will be happy to help you!

Admin Users
  • KS-23964 - (Improvement) A new domain has been added to Business Intelligence named E-commerce users, which provides details of e-commerce users' accounts.
  • KS-25738 - (Improvement) The available setting in Financial Settings "Exclude Standing Orders" has been renamed as "Standing Order Behavior" and allows to select the behavior that FOB price and Fuel Surcharge should have on Standing Orders.
Procurement Users
  • KS-25948 - (Improvement) If your vendor has a different currency set up, the system will now display the total of the Unit Cost in both currencies from the Single Purchasing Mode.
Accounting Users
  • KS-25646 - (Improvement) The Statement document is now prepared to print characters in Mandarin. In order to do so, the system has to be on Mandarin mode.


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