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Latest Features as of September 12th, 2017

Hi All,

Here are our latest features as of today:

  • KS-20993 – (Improvement) The “Allow filtering by Customer’s Main Location” setting now allows you to filter by Customer Main Location in the Setup>Settings>Automatic Additional Charge>(Edit create)>Customers screen.
  • KS-20930 – (Improvement) – The system will now be able to interpret digits separated by thousands and decimals for the currency RAND when using the multi-currency option. This applies for the Order Entry and Payment History screens.
  • KS-20742 – (Improvement) Chinese characters have been added to the Credit Memo’s PDF and email.
  • KS-21204 – (Improvement) Now the system will take into account the transfer customer in the staging of destination when an invoice is confirmed for customer transfers in order to keep the Prebook’s price.
  • KS-20732 – (Improvement) Tags added to Prebooks will now be printed on the Pick Ticket by line and by box of the order.
  • KS-20657 – (Improvement) The new option “Generate Consecutive Number for AWBs” was added to Labels Setup that allows generating a consecutive number per AWBs and for each box within it. When enabled, the system will now print those numbers on Pick Tickets, Shipping Labels and Receiving Labels. Also, if users add or delete boxes from an AWB, the system will take into account the last consecutive generated.

Please contact us for any further questions or concerns.



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