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Latest Features as of September 18th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

These are the latest features as of September 18th, 2018:

Admin Users

  • KS-25457 - (Improvement) Companies having the Carlstedts Integration enabled are allowed to set up additional information for the synchronization, such as apply a price list associated to a customer, select the required aging and the min. quantity that should be available in the inventory to execute the process.

Grower Users

  • KS-24998 - (Improvement) Grower Companies can now decide whether the sales orders generated from Komet should be renamed as Proforma Invoices, Receipts or Invoices, as usual. Contact us to have this option enabled.

Procurement Users

  • KS-25308 - (Improvement) The Units Consolidation feature, available from the Bulk Purchasing Mode now applies both for the Pending and Inventory Tabs. Also, the feature description was improved for a better clarity of how it works.

Please contact us with any questions.




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