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Latest Features as of September 19th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Please find below our updates as of today Sept. 19th:

  • KS-20043 – (Improvement) A new setting was added to Statement Options in order to allow you to subtract any open credits associated to the customer from the Aging Summary’s Total printed on the statement’s top-right corner.
  • KS-21084 – (Improvement) Now the Process Order window on the Bulk Purchasing Mode screen includes a Location filter which will list all the locations associated to the logged on user.
  • KS-20822 – (Improvement) The Aging Report now includes an identifier of Finance Charge invoices. Also, the calculation to apply Finance Charges will now take into account the total amount owed for the term set in the configuration and all older periods.
  • KS-20879 – (Improvement) The API method prebook.details.list now allows you to filter by range for the Vendor Ship Date. This field is also returned at prebook item basis. The difference between both dates should not exceed one week.
  • KS-20819 – (Improvement) The Approved By and Approved On fields were added to the following Business Intelligence domains: Credits In Boxes, Credits In Hard Goods, and Credits In Units.
  • KS-20826 – (Improvement) The Fulfillment Report, printed from the Prebook Fulfillment Summary, now includes the Salesperson’s name selected on the available filters.
  • KS-18685 – (Improvement) The Spanish version of the system has been updated.
  • KS-20741 – (Improvement) The system now includes Chinese characters, if there are any, on Statement documents and emails generated from Komet Sales.
  • KS-21043 – (New Feature) The system now allows you to upload inventory in boxes directly into the system by using an Excel file from the Inventory > Add Inventory tab.
  • KS-19360 – (Improvement) If the customer company has the Fuel Surcharge enabled and is an FOB customer in the vendor’s platform, the system will add the Fuel Surcharge to the landed cost of K2K products. However, if the customer company is not an FOB customer for the vendor account, the landed cost is unaffected but the final price calculated for the end customer will include the Fuel Surcharge. This only applies if the order is Ship Via Warehouse.

Feel free to contact us with any follow up questions.



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