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Latest Features as of September 25th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

You can find below the latest features as of today:

Admin Users

KS-24847 - (Improvement) Several improvements were made in Business Intelligence domains. The Box Type was added to Prebooks domain. The Customer domain includes now the main location of the customer, the E-commerce Markup and the E-commerce user.
KS-25661 - (Improvement) The sales in boxes domain of Business intelligence includes now the ship date followed by the invoice number and the date of the invoice in a format (MONTH-DAY).
KS-24588 - (Improvements) The Sales in Boxes domain includes now the YTD FBE sales and LYTD FBE sales. The Sales in Units domain includes the GPM. The Sales in Hard Goods domains includes now the product Id.
Procurement Users

KS-25637 - (Improvement) The PO Summary screen now includes the Created By column, which displays the name of the person who created the PO.
KS-25248 - (Improvement) The system now allows performing allocations of Prebook in units using on Hand Inventory in Units. This can be done through the Fill from Open Market option of the Bulk Purchasing mode screen.
Sales Users

KS-23758 - (Improvement) Users are now able to filter by more than one status at a time from the Credit Summary screen.

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