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Latest Features as of September 26th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

You can find below the latest features as of today:

  • KS-21218 – (Improvement) A confirmation field that requires users to add the word “Ok” to proceed was added to the notification that appears when a user enters a product quantity that exceeds the available quantity from the Add Order screen.
  • KS-21069 – (Improvement) A new setting called “Consolidate Prebooks with Open Market items on orders created with Allocations/Automatic Billing” was added to the Automatic Billing and Allocation options in order for the system to Consolidate Prebooks and SO with Open Market items with the same header order information.
  • KS-20790 – (Improvement) Individual units purchased through the e-commerce will now show the unitary cost when the currency is Rands.
  • KS-20884 – (Improvement) The API method pickticket.details.list will now include the box dimensions within its response.
  • KS-21032 – (Improvement) The Business Intelligence Sales in Boxes domain was adjusted to allow you to add a billing and shipping zipcode for customers.
  • KS-21295 – (Improvement) The Fulfillment Worksheet Report printed from the Prebook Fulfillment Summary screen will now include the special instructions added to the Prebook and a checkmark indicating that the Prebook was mark as completed.
  • KS-21257 – (Improvement) The system was adjusted in order to correctly display the Rand currency in Vendor Availability screens.
  • KS-21410 – (Improvement) The system will now keep the Custom Fields added to a PO line in the new PO line created and its corresponding Prebook when a user performs a Partial Confirm to a PO line. This also applies for postponements of POs.
  • KS-21299 – (Improvement) Users will now be able to add an Accounting Code while creating or editing a tax. This field is optional.
  • KS-21100 – (Improvement) When associating locations to a given customer, a new checkbox was added to the header of the Hide on E-commerce site option in order to select/unselect all the locations at once.
  • KS-21120 – (Improvements) The system will now keep the Custom Fields added to a Prebook line when a user performs a split.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.


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