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Latest Features as of September 27th, 2016

Hi All,

Below you can find the latest updates on Komet Sales that were resolved last week and deployed yesterday. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our support team.

  • KS-16619 – (Improvement) Adjustment on the Scanner Inventory Process, now the system supports double scanning.
  • KS-16618 – (Improvement) Adjustment on the Shipping Label: Bigger Pick Ticket Barcode.
  • KS-16561 – (Improvement) Adjustment on the range of the dates on the Process & Send Orders screen in the Bulk Mode: Now the “Date To” will be 30 days after the current date.
  • KS-16631 – (Improvement) Improvements on the Scanner Inventory Process.
  • KS-16600 – (Improvement) New Check Digit field of the UPC added to the Purchase Order PDF report that allows users to differentiate products when they have the same UPC number.
  • KS-16465 – (Improvement) Now the Overpayments are shown on the Payment History Details report.
  • KS-16494 – (Improvement) The system will only apply the Sell Fast Markup to products marked as Sell Fast on the Order Entry.
  • KS-16034 – (New Feature) The new corporate purchasing feature allows companies in multi location mode to buy product from different locations. The system will be able to transfer the product from one location to another when it arrives to the corporate location.
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues



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