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Latest Features as of September 5th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Please find below the latest features as of last week:

  • KS-21034 – (Improvement) Customer’s Dashboard navigability was improved in order to provide a better user experience. Now the system keeps the focus in the line that was selected to see the Customer Information.
  • KS-20848 – (Improvement) A new option on Customer Settings allows to activate a filter called Main Location that will be available on the Aging/StatementsOpen InvoicesAssociate Automatic Additional Charges, and Associate Customers to Price Lists screens. Filtering by the Main Location, the system will display all the customers whose Main Location is the Location selected.
  • KS-20000 – (Improvement) Once the End By date of a Standing Order has been reached, the system will not allow generating more Prebooks or Holiday Orders for it and it will mark them with a red icon in the Standing Order Summary screen.
  • KS-20951 – (Improvement) Once the user activates the Show FOB Price option for a given customer, the system will display a window where the user must read the implications of this setting and write the word CONFIRM in order to proceed.
  • KS-20798 – (Improvement) Payments of E-commerce transactions through Stripe can now be made for Vendor Availability, Komet to Komet and Future Sales products. The payment will be created as an Overpayment in the system for the customer who made the web order.
  • KS-21009 – (Improvement) The detailed Grower Report in PDF will now include the vendor name and code information.
  • KS-18963 – (Improvement) The Low GPM Sales Notification report, configured from the Setting >> Reports screen, will now include the vendor name and the order type.
  • KS-20997 – (Improvement) The Order Taxes domain now includes the Invoice Status information in order to generate Business Intelligence reports.
  • KS-20729 – (Improvement) The system will now default the salescode of a Prebook onto the Order when using the Prebooks Pending to Be Billed option.

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