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Latest Features as of September 6th, 2016

Hi All,

These are the most recent updates on Komet Sales that were resolved last week and deployed yesterday. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

  • KS-15508 – (Improvement) New setup option to stop and start the integration with an external system.
  • KS-16248 – (New Feature) The E-commerce will only show information of the available dates to ship the products.
  • KS-16207 – (Improvement) New Mark Code filter added to the Grower / Confirm Purchase Orders option.
  • KS-16210 – (Improvement) The Main Location Code has been added to the Shipping labels.
  • KS-16145 – (New Feature) New report on the Business Intelligence that includes a list of the credit overrides as well as the user who approved it.
  • KS-16298 – (Improvement) Improvements on the “Purchased” tab of the “Bulk Purchase Mode” screen. New columns have been added.
  • KS-16056 – (New Feature) Now the Shipping labels are printed at the same time of the Mass Market labels avoiding problems when doing the match between the boxes.
  • KS-15341 – (Improvement) Improvement on the Customer API Methods: customer.add and customer.update.
  • KS-16262 – (Improvement) Relevant information included on the Purchase Order notification: Sales Person, Customer Type and Order Type.
  • KS-15992 – (New Feature) New option on the Customers / Advanced dashboard that allows users to show or hide customers on the New Allocations screen.
  • KS-16294 – (Improvement) New Mark Code column added to the Add AWB screen on the Grower Portal.
  • KS-15372 – (New Feature) New API method: prebook.update
  • KS-16269 – (Improvement) Once the orders are reconfirmed by using the “No, Just Confirm” button, the printing status of the labels won’t be modified.
  • KS-16263 – (Improvement) When there is a discrepancy on the Inventory Process, the system will automatically search for an order that includes boxes in status “Received Warehouse”.
  • KS-16292 – (Improvement) Improvements on the Inventory Discrepancies Report. Now the Invoice # and Customer Name will only appear when the box scanned in the warehouse belongs to that customer.
  • KS-15198 – (New Feature) New feature that allows the company to send e-mails from the system with their own email account.
  • KS-15970 – (New Feature) Now the future inventory screen allows the users to set the prices as well.
  • KS-16035 – (Improvement) Customer Payment Terms has been added to the excel file available on the Aging screen.
  • KS-15377 – (New Feature) New API method: prebook.item.delete
  • A few minor bugs and layout issues.

Thank you!


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