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Latest Updates on Feb 11/2013

Dear All,

Here’s a list of the latest and greatest updates that we have implemented on the version that was released today:


Feedback Window



We have added a new feedback window that will pop up as soon as you login into Komet Sales. This will provide you with an opportunity to send us any comments, suggestions or ideas that you have regarding the system. The most important aspect of this new feedback window is the element of surprise: since the feedback window will pop up once every couple of weeks you have a unique opportunity to send us whatever you have on your mind whether it’s good, bad or ugly.

Many of the features that we have on the system have come from feedback that we have received from the Komet Sales users. This will make it even easier to share with the development team your real thoughts about the system in a simple, non-intrusive and effortless way.

If you don’t have anything to say simply click the “No new ideas, thanks.” button and the window will go away until the next “round of ideas”.


Dashboard Changes


Dashboard Widgets – Date Ranges

The dashboard widgets that have preset date filters now allow you to choose the sales for today, the current month, the previous month and the year to date. This makes it easier to compare sales periods in a more standardized way.


Standing Order Icon for Growers


Standing Order Icon on Grower Portal

Based on the feedback that we’ve received from different users the growers were having a difficult time trying to figure out which items in a PO came from a Standing Order and which came from a Prebook. In order to alleviate this situation we have added a new icon next to the product description indicating if the product belongs to a Standing Order. In addition to this the icon will display the SO # when the hover the mouse over it. This will ease the communication between growers and the company buyers.


Identifying the Salesperson when Adding PO Items


Adding PO Items

This new feature is a real time saver when buyers need to talk with the salesperson regarding a specific product. It’s actually pretty simple and it consists in displaying the name of the salesperson in the same product details window when the buyer is adding the item to the Purchase Order.


PO Summary – Prebook Filter

Based on another popular request we have added the option to search for PO’s using a Prebook. This comes in really handy when you want to track a specific product request from a customer and ensure that it has already made its way into a PO. To use this feature simply go to the Purchase Order Summary page, click on the “Search” button and enter the Prebook number that you’re looking for. The system will display a list of all the PO’s that have items from that Prebook in them.

Stay tuned for additional updates!


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