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Mid July New Features

Hi All,


We have been working on many new cool features in the system that have been made available in the last couple of weeks! Here’s a recap of the new features available in the system:


Improved Grower Portal


Purchase Order Confirmations

We have greatly improved the grower portal enabling growers to confirm individual line items of each PO. In order to get started you have to create the users for each grower by going to Setup > Users > Growers. Remember that you can create unlimited users for your growers. Once you setup a user the system will email an invitation and the grower will have to activate their account. After that the grower simply logs into the system and confirms any new or pending items. Finally the grower creates an AWB and prints the shipping labels.

PO Summary & Grower Invoice Upload

Growers have a new PO Summary page that displays a list of all the PO’s that they have received. The really nice thing about this PO screen is that the growers have the option to upload invoices for each purchase order. This will allow you to keep all of the grower invoices in a single location without having to worry about archiving the copies that are emailed each day.


New Help & Support Center

We have implemented a new help and support center using the platform provided by Tender ( This includes a new Knowledge Base (it actually replaced our Wiki) that’s more user friendly and can be accessed from within the application. The Knowledge Base contains great articles that help you make the most out of the Komet Sales system. We also implemented a new support ticketing system (don’t worry: you just have to email us) which will allow us to improve our customer service.

To access the Help & Support Center simply go to or click on the “Support” link on the header of the system.


Additional Search Options

For those companies that have customers that are PO driven we have added additional search options throughout the system that will allow you to filter your results using your customer’s PO number. This makes it easy to search for invoices or payments from clients that only use their PO number as a reference.


Special “Mark Code” for Boxes

Salespeople can now take advantage of the additional “Mark Code” option that is available when placing a standing order or a prebook. The “Mark Code” is used by some customers to identify the boxes that they’re receiving. This allows them to quickly breakdown the boxes based on the information that is printed on the label using the mark code. For example, a customer might place an order of 10 HB of 60 cm white Akito roses but he wants 5 boxes marked “JEFF” and 5 boxes marked “JOE”. The salesperson can simply enter the two line items each with its individual mark code.


Credit Limit Notification

The Order Entry screen has been enhanced so that when a customer is selected the salesperson is notified right away if the sale will require a credit limit. This will enable the salesperson to communicate this to the customer right away or to be aware that each transaction will require a credit limit override by a sales manager.


Improved Settings Page

The company settings page has been improved so that it’s easier to navigate. Instead of having all of the options visible at once these have been grouped into their different categories. Clicking on each link opens up a window that displays the available options for the selected setting.


Dashboard Update

The dashboard is featuring a new set of charts. The first chart displays the monthly sales for the current and previous year. You can view the chart using lines or columns in order to analyze the data. You can also turn on or off each year and view the specific sales amount on each data point. The second chart displays the total sales amount for the top ten categories in your company for the last 12 months. Here’s a sample of how the charts come up:


To change the graphs simply click on the link for the columns or lines underneath the graph.

We look forward to the feedback from our customers and potential customers!


Thanks again,

Alex and the Komet Sales Team

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