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Here are the latest updates and features in the system.


1.      Aging Report

We have fixed the aging report in order for you to get a customer’s aging report which allows you to view the customers aging in a particular period of time in the past.

You’ll find this report on the Reports menu under the account’s receivable reports, just add the customer and select the order date and click on the Aging PDF. Please note that available information is from the date July 3rd onwards.


2.      Farm labels – Ship via Grower

Now we have integrated the farms with the customers, you can send the products to your clients directly from the farms.

This is especially great for growers that deliver their products to clients with no middleman.

This is how it works:

When creating a Standing Order or a Prebook, you’ll find an option that says “Ship via” click there and choose Grower, this way growers can now print labels in the grower site with the clients’ information: address, specific code, bar code, PO number, etc. And ship directly to the clients.


3.      Product Breakdown

Now that we have improved the product breakdown, you can now start using this important feature in the system.

You can add the breakdown in the Standing Order or when creating a Prebook or Purchase Order, no matter where you add it you will be able to see the information in the whole system.


4.      Print Labels from Prebooks on incoming scans

We have added a new option that will allow you to automatically print labels once receiving an incoming product that belongs to a Prebook.

To set up this option please contact us to enable this feature in your system.


5.      API – List Master Data

Now you can integrate your local system with Komet Sales, you can easily import your data to Komet Sales just by using the API code. To learn more about how this works you will find a few articles about the API in our go to the API section.

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