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New Features – Duties and Bulk PO Mode

1. Duties

According to the ATPA (Andean Trade Preference) between US and Ecuador and other Andean countries, Ecuadorian flowers are no longer duty free, this trade agreement issue means that Ecuadorian flowers will carry a 6.8 percent tax on some flower categories. This will begin to apply as of August 1st of the present year.

For this reason, Komet Sales has been updated to have a new setting for these extra duties, this setting applies to companies that buy from Ecuadorian farms. This option can be enabled in the Setup > Settings screen, Company Setup > Duties section.


Setup the Duties by product category for each port of origin.

To have the record of the duties that you have paid for every product category, you can find the AWB report in the Reports tab.


2. Bulk Purchasing Mode

In order to satisfy the companies’ needs regarding the different modes of creating PO’s, we have added a new bulk purchasing mode to create multiple PO’s at the same time.

This is how it works:

1. Go to Purchase Orders > Add PO tab

2. Click on the “multiple POs at a time” link

3. For each Prebook you can quickly add the vendor, ship date, quantity and cost.

4. Then click on the check box of each PO that you have created and click on the buttons above. You have two options:

·        Create POs as Drafts: you will find the POs in the Purchase Order Summary pending for approval.

·        Create POs & approve: this option will automatically confirm the PO and send it to the Grower’s Site.

5. Find the Purchased items in the “Purchased” section. Here you can also check the status of each PO.


The Komet Sales Team.

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