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New Updates on April 17th

Identify who’s working on a pending purchase


Procurement users can quickly identify the products that they’re working on so that other members from the procurement team don’t waste time sourcing the same product. This is activated by hitting the “Work On” link under the “Actions” column which works as a toggle button: click once to activate and once to deactivate. Once you flag a product you will see a green icon next to your items and a red icon next to items grabbed by another procurement users.


Credit card management


We have integrated Komet Sales with which will allow you to store credit card information from your clients using the CIM (Customer Information Manager) product from Users have the ability to add or delete credit cards from each customer in the system. These credits can then be used to process payments using’s gateway. If you wish to activate this feature please contact us.


Statement preferences / Sending statements


You can know specify how each customer wishes to receive their statements: fax, email, regular mail or any combination. To do so simply check the statement delivery boxes of the methods that the customer wants to use. From the A/R statements page you can now click the “Send” button which will automatically send the statements via fax, email or both based on the customer preferences.


Order confirmation process: reconfirmed orders


After an order is confirmed, modified and confirmed again the system will perform the following:

  1. Display the confirmation icon in the Order Entry > Order Summary and in the Shipping > Order Summary using an orange background as opposed to a green background.
  2. The tooltip will indicate that the order was reconfirmed. Warehouse personnel will be able to identify the orders that had been confirmed and that were modified and confirmed once again.


Customer forms, applications and other documents


In an effort to help customers become as paperless as possible we have added a new “Documents” tab in the customer profile. Here you can drag & drop documents that are associated to the customer, enter a brief description and select an expiration date. The expiration date will be used to notify you when a document is close to expiring (e.g.: such as credit application forms or credit card authorization forms). There’s no limit as to the number of documents that can be uploaded into any given customer


Preventing shipments to customers on credit hold


Once a customer is placed on credit hold the system will forbid the shipping department from shipping the boxes. This is achieved by blocking basic functions such as printing the Bill of Lading (BOL), shipping labels and pick tickets for customers that are on credit hold. In order to process these shipments the hold must be released.

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