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New Updates on April 23rd

Here’s a list of the most recent updates that we’ve made to Komet Sales:

Keeping track of AWB changes

Most of our users have been experiencing a high amount of last minute AWB changes due to the insufficient space in the airlines which forces them to change flights or skip a flight altogether.  Managing this is very complicated and confusing since the information that’s in the system won’t match the paperwork that’s provided by the airlines and/or cargo agent.  We’ve implemented a simple yet effective solution that automatically keeps track of the last AWB number once it’s changed.  After an AWB is updated in the system with the new AWB a new tag icon appears on the right of the AWB.  Hovering the mouse over this icon will display the original AWB number.

Keeping track of the previous AWB number

We’d like to remind our users that changing the AWB in the system has absolutely no effect on the labels since the system uses the box number to track the boxes and not the AWB.

Adding additional information to outbound shipments

You can now add additional shipment information such as a reference number or a way bill to any order that’s being shipped.  This is particularly useful for customers that regularly ship via FedEx, UPS, any airline or other trucking companies that provide you with a way bill.  To add this information simply click on the “Add Ref #” under the “Ref #” column in the Shipping > Order Summary page.

Adding the Ref # / Way Bill # to outbound orders.

Vendor information window

This new feature allows you to view name, port of origin, phone numbers and email address of any vendor in the system by simply hovering the mouse over the vendor name.  This is specially useful for the purchasing department since they’ll be able to view the contact information from any vendor regardless of where they are in the system.

Quickly view the vendor contact info by simply hovering over the vendor name

Updated “Sales Detail” report

This new version of the Sales Detail report (which is provided in Excel) includes all of information that’s related to the sale all the way back from the prebook and/or purchase order.  Here’s a list of the fields that are included on this report:

  • Invoice Number
  • Prebook Number
  • PO Number
  • Farm Ship Date
  • AWB
  • Truck Date
  • Truck Month
  • Farm Name
  • Farm Code
  • Origin
  • Customer
  • Invoice Qty
  • Prebook Qty
  • PO Qty
  • Pack
  • Total Units
  • Unit Type
  • Bunches Box
  • Units Bunch
  • Qty Full Boxes
  • Box Type
  • Product
  • Category
  • Sales Unit Price
  • Total Price
  • Unit Cost
  • Total Cost
  • Freight
  • GPM

For those of you that like to play with Excel and pivot tables you should have plenty to work on top off.

Stay tuned for additional updates and remember to follow us on Twitter @kometsales andFacebook.

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