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New Updates! Sep 16th / 2013

Check out the new updates! 


  • Box types per company


Now you can manage your own company box types. Go to Setup > Settings and click on “Box types” under Inventory, here you can activate, edit and delete your box types. Also you will be able to add the FBE according to the box type.


  • Product Breakdown info in Labels

Find the product breakdown information on the grower and shipping labels.

  • Customer Dashboard: Create Statement

Now you will be able to create a statement in the customer dashboard, just click on the customer name anywhere in the system then click on the dashboard tab, find the “Create Statement” link below the aging widget.

Select the statement end date, then click on “Create”. The system will generate the PDF statement.


  • Bulk Purchase Mode – Set ship date


In the Bulk Purchase Mode now you can set the ship date to all the items at once, just select the items you want to create and click on the “Set Ship Date” button.


If you have any comments, feedback, or feature requests for Komet Sales please do tell us – we would love to chat. Please click here to contact us.


Best Regards,


The Komet Sales Team!

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