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Valentine’s 2014

So finally the most important holiday for the flower industry arrived and our team is ready to assist our customers with any needs that might arise during this holiday (and yes, very uncommon things tend to happen during the holidays, so that’s why we’re ready). As always we’ve been working on some major improvements on the system (a.k.a.: growing pains) in order to make it more user friendly and faster.


Here’s a quick recap of the things that we’ve added in the last couple of weeks:


  • Web holds allow you to hold certain items from the e-commerce availability. Your customers will still be able to view the items but will have to call in to purchase them. Learn more.
  • Updates on Automatic Billing which prevent the system from billing items that had been manually allocated by the salespeople. This avoid having duplicate orders. Learn more.
  • Unit cost, freight and handling costs can only be edited in the inventory / staging area by admins, procurement managers and procurement users. We have also documented all of the system’s roles Learn more.
  • Added a restriction that allows the admin to choose which users can view the customer’s “Documents” tab in the customer profile. Learn more.
  • Product categories can now be selected to be sorted last when searching for products. This allows you to flag categories such as bouquets and consumer bunches so that they don’t show up first (e.g.: when searching for white pom a product “CB White Pom Daisy” would normally show up prior to the Pom Daisy category). Learn more.
  • You can now receive payments without having to choose an invoice to apply it to. Works great for customers that send payments in advance. Learn more.
  • When confirming an AWB that has more than 100 lines you can now transfer all of the items at once without having to go page by page. Simply click on the checkbox in the header row and the system will transfer all items from all the pages based on the current filter.
  • Invoice additional charges now accept negative values. This can be very useful when syncing account balances from an external system after going live with the system. Learn more.


It looks like VD 2014 will be a great holiday (and nothing beats starting the year with a good holiday) based on the feedback that we’ve received from our customers. If there’s anything that we can help you with please remember to contact us using the “Need Help” link in the upper right hand corner of the application.


Best wishes,


The Komet Sales Team

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