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Sales for Importers


  • Sales, sales-allocation and sales manager users.


  • Basic

Course Type

  • Online Course


  • 30 minute assessment of needs.
  • 2 hour training


  • This is a crash course that enables salespeople to utilize all the basic features available for this role. Through a series of live sessions, sz users with the sales role will become proficient at creating prebooks, standing orders, and invoices maximizing the use of key features that will enhance efficiency.  

Recommended Skills

This basic course does not require any previous knowledge about Komet Sales.

Course Objectives

This course will enable you to:  

  • Understand the basic flow of Komet Sales from a Sales point of view.
  • Create Prebooks manually and through light version.
  • Utilize key optimization features with the sales tabs.
  • Allocate Prebooks based on existing inventory.
  • Track current Prebooks based on their status.
  • Create, cancel, lock and double Standing Orders.
  • Track current Standing Orders.
  • Invoice open market inventory and fulfilled Prebooks/Standing Orders.
  • Add new orders in the system.


By the end of this training you will be able to create and manage current and future orders.

Use any of the the invoicing methods and create recurring orders.

Meet Our Instructors

Alexandra Flores

Marcela Saracay

Anthony Palacio

George Velez

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