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Meet the warriors that accepted the challenge to drive the industry to the future.

Alejandro Pérez

I'm a passionate, creative and self-motivated individual who is absolutely crazy about technology and loves to experiment with it on a daily basis. I also love learning from people (everyone is a teacher), the outdoors, and most of all having fun with my wife and kids!

Daniel Giraldo
Director of Software Development

I've been a Computer Engineer since 2007 and started to work for Vertical Technologies in 2009. I like software development, but being a team leader and helping them grow is one of the things I enjoy the most. I like sports in general, especially soccer. Spending quality time with my family is one of the things I love the most.


David Osorio
Technical Support Leader

I’m passionate about software development, the tasks I perform within the company, and the system itself. Fun fact! I created a process to evaluate someone’s knowledge about the system called Komet University.


Johan Hidalgo
R&D Engineer

I’m passionate about everything that is related to technology, latest news, and being up to date with anything that’s going on. I enjoy new challenges and all the lessons I learn from them. I consider myself to be a fan of music, I can't live without it, especially by making it part of my daily activities. I love animals, nature, and enjoy spending time with my friends.

Catalina Correa
Financial Manager

I’m a Financial Engineer from the University of Medellín. I’m responsible for providing financial advice and support to the decision making process regarding the business. I’m a friendly and kind person. Since I started working for Komet, I’ve become more flexible in terms of working environment. I really love yoa and dogs as well.

Manuel Leudo
Analyst Developer

I’m a System Engineer from Colombia’s National University. My interests are mainly in front end web development. I consider myself to be a very calm person, who enjoys meeting new people and learning from them as much as I can. I love dancing in my free time.

Karina Hernández
Happiness Provider

I consider myself a risk taker and an outgoing person. I get along with pretty much anybody I can have a conversation with. I’m passionate about fitness, I love working out and having a good time. My goal in life is to simply live life and take it one step at a time.

Daniel Londoño
Customer Specialist

I’m passionate about mechatronics and technology. I consider myself to be a very creative and easy-going person. When it comes to work, I’m very dedicated and focused and won’t rest until it’s done.

Marcela Saracay
Implementation Visionary

I love helping and finding solutions that enable us to enjoy life to the fullest. Traveling and learning about past cultures is my new found hobby. I enjoy work, family, friends, yoga, coffee and spending as much time as possible with my dog.

Daniel Rendón
Web Developer

I’m a Systems Engineer with emphasis on development of web solutions. I love to learn new technologies and I’m very committed to everything I do. My passions are football, programming, and drawing.

Juan Vanegas
QA Analyst 

I’m a test analyst and I like both web and mobile development. I love software testing and the reason for my passion for development is to understand the developer and its environment in order to improve the quality of software projects.

Carlos Restrepo

I’m passionate about discovering and learning new technologies, always looking forward to improving both professionally and personally. I also like to help others out with productive solutions and suggestions.

Daniel Mazo
Technical Support

I consider myself to be a lover of art and a creator of it. Whether it involves playing the guitar or creating software, these are the absolute things I love the most. I really enjoy turning ideas into a reality, and proving that nothing is impossible.

Sebastián Chalarca

I consider myself to be a disciplined and dedicated person. During my free time, I enjoy playing sports, investigating and reading about new web technologies, and spending time with my family.

George Vélez
Implementation Specialist

I'm constantly practicing gratitude and seeking the true value of everything that surrounds me. Through this life experience I seek to learn from others, to apply what I know, as well as to share my acquired knowledge.

Adam Mace
Sales Representative

I love being outdoors camping and hiking. My entire career has been in the Floral industry. Sales, Operations, Accounting, I have done it all. I know the challenges we face in the industry and I enjoy being a guide to meaningful solutions to those challenges.

Jessica Tavera

I’m a responsible person and I’m also very passionate about my profession. I like to learn something new every day, while looking out for different ways to do things. During my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, painting, and dancing.

John Saldarriaga
Test Engineer

I like to experiment new things, get out of my comfort zone, and travel. I truly appreciate sincere people who show themselves as they really are. During my spare time, I dedicate my efforts to my business, personal growth, and playing my favorite sports; football and swimming. All my activities are always backed up by music.

Daniel Martínez

To be honest, I absolutely love what I do and always try to give my best while doing it. Besides that, I also enjoy astronomy and photography.

Fernando Canzani
Director of Professional Services

Passionate about sports, trekking, nature, technology, and all sorts of board games. I like to travel, live in different countries and constantly learn from people and places I visit. Fan of River Plate, Atletico Nacional and Barcelona. I enjoy professional challenges, learning, and improving my relationships.

Robert Trimbee
Chief Business Development Officer

I am that kid who when he gets a new toy takes it apart to see how it works. I love to solve problems and make things better than they were before. I constantly analyze and think strategically. I am an enthusiastic builder of systems and processes. I believe that mentoring and empowering people rewards both the receiver and the giver.

Duvan Sánchez
Full Stack Software Developer

Programming is a passion that I’ve had for a long time, but it’s not the only thing that takes my sleep away. I also enjoy watching anime, television series, reading, riding my bicycle, and assembling and disassembling things. I consider myself to be a person who likes to explore the possibilities of things and have fun in the process.

Ricardo Peña
Customer Service

I’m a big fan of cinema and animation. I love discovering new and exciting bands, if it fuses some jazz, prog rock, cuban sounds and/or electronic music, I’ll probably like it. I love how much one can understand about people through the particularities of a language and food.

Pablo Valencia
Web Developer

I love sports in general. My hobbies are playing soccer and swimming. I appreciate the knowledge that everybody has to offer and working as a team. I’m very passionate about new technologies and always open to learning something new.

Alexander Duque

I love football and sports in general. I’m a developer who likes solving problems no matter the language.

I’m always trying to learn new things and improve my skills.




Cristian Rojas
Alien Developer

Just an alien-human being who loves cats and Java development. I'm into learning new technologies, trying them out, and growing both personally and professionally as much as I can. I love watching television series, playing video games, and listening to my favorite music. I always try to do my best in everything I do.




Javier Jaramillo
QA Analyst

I’m a kind and serious person. I really like to help people and listen to them. I love technology and music, I really enjoy sharing time with my doggies, my family, and definitely love to drink beer as well as eat tasty food.




Daniel Cifuentes
Java Developer

I like to meet new places, cultures and people. I’m passionate about software development and find myself always trying to learn about new technologies in order to improve the quality of life of people through it. During my time off, I like to spend moments with my beloved ones. I learn new things every day and I play the guitar.




Luis Meléndez
DevOps Engineer

I’m a fan of cooking, fishing and new experiences. Curious, creative and practical by nature. I enjoy every moment I have available by spending time with my family and friends. Passionate about good music, sports, beer and liquor collection.




Victoria Araque
Scrum Master

I love art. I’m happy with my colored pencils because through them, I can express myself and relax. I take every opportunity to learn new things. I love spending time with my family and living new experiences with them.



William Del Valle
Sensei Developer

I’m very passionate about new technologies and finding the best way to implement them for others to benefit. I like spending time with my family and trying to fulfill my children's wishes. I like to read, listen to music, and share a good beer with my friends.




Jeisson García
Technical Support Assistant

Although I speak very little, I love helping others around me when they require it. I enjoy anime, going to the movies, as much as laid back plans such as going out for coffee or simply having a conversation outside.




Werleman Tamayo
BI Specialist

I’m a very social person, I like to learn on a daily basis as well as sharing my knowledge. I like sports, reading and watching good movies. In the past few years, the whole topic of Business Intelligence has caught my attention.




Mario Angulo
Scrum Master

I’m passionate about Project Management and I love learning new ways to develop them. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like roller-skating and surfing around the world.

Carlos Ramírez

I’m a helpful person, passionate about web development and knowledge. When it comes to hobbies, I love paintball, playing electric guitar, and having random conversations with people.

Mia del Mar Muñoz
Customer and Cats Support

I’m a cat, video games, and science lover. I like to learn and share what I know with everyone. Even though I can look like a quiet person, I'm very friendly, talkative, and always enjoy meeting new people.

Jhonathan Ramírez
Customer Service Operative

I’m a big fan of cinema, animation and sword & sorcery fantasy. I love jazz, rock, electronic music and I’m an eager D&D geek. I love food, cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I consider that in every aspect of life you should give 100%

Idelfonso Guardo
Cloud Engineer

I’m passionate about technology, especially if it’s related to cloud computing. I love listening to salsa music and playing soccer. I enjoy reading, wine collecting, traveling, and spending time with my family. You can say I’m a persistent person, always open to learning new things.

Elena Mejía
Marketing Coordinator / Creativity Seeker

I'm passionate about my work and studies, as well as an enthusiast for gaining knowledge in different areas along the way. I consider myself to be a creative, dependable and hardworking person, capable of handling multiple tasks on a daily basis.

Fabrizio Jaramillo
Chemical Graphics

Curiosity, art, and a little adrenaline are adjectives that define me as a person. I’m a graphic designer who loves to express ideas in a simple and effective way. I’m always doing my best to offer people an easy graphic reading.

Jonathan Usuga
 Customer and
Adcarry Support

I’m the father of two cats, Adcarry is the main character in League of Legends. I like to be surrounded by people and environments which help me to constantly evolve. I always seek to contribute in a positive way to everyone that has been part of my history. I consider that respect and honesty are the key values ​​for any type of relationship, and these are the same that govern my lifestyle.

Rosiris Rodriguez
Project Manager

I’m a travel lover, who loves meeting and learning from new people. I like to explore the world and all the different cultures, traditions and gastronomies it offers. My other passions include watching movies, especially horror movies, and spending time with my family and friends.

Gina Rojas
Things facilitator (Project Manager)

I enjoy interacting with different people, discovering new cultures, and the power that a deep conversation has. My biggest passion is music, some genres I enjoy are rock, soul, and jazz, especially if it’s live. I’m passionate about traveling and taking pictures. I also have a little cat called Tina Turner, and she is my own full-time dive and smile giver.

Cristian Cano

I’m a happy, committed, and responsible person, always willing to serve and learn from others. I’m passionate about software development. I enjoy travelling, visiting new places, and sharing with my family and friends.

Luis Diez
Analyst Developer

I consider myself as someone who is constantly seeking to learn and evolve, enthusiastic about software development as well as living new experiences and challenges.

Sebastián Díaz
Go to Guy

I like to learn languages and play the piano. I'm self-taught since I can remember and have always been guided by my beliefs and morals. I have a taste for art disciplines like philosophy and photography.

My definition of happiness is being at peace with what I do.

Diana Marcela Ruíz
Automation Tester

I like to practice trekking and getting to know new places. I like reggae and rap music, and I’m a huge fan of pasta. I’m passionate about everything that has to do with automated testing.

Andrés Montoya

I enjoy riding my bike as well as practicing boxing. My favorite music is reggae, I love coffee and hamburgers. I have been working in programming for five years now, and I’m always passionate about learning new things.

Mauricio Cataño
Implementation Junior

I’m always ideating and imagining something new to work on. I like to spend time close to nature, practice trekking, and enjoy the beauty of the views around my city. I always try to handle any situation with a positive attitude and resolve it reasonably.

I'm focused and working towards my professional development in an industry that I like. The motto in my daily life is resilience. I'm open to sharing and acquiring new knowledge. There is always some new growth, something new to learn.

Jairo Londoño
Customer Support

I'm Jairo.
I am an English<> French <>Spanish translator. I love to learn new languages and play classical and electric guitars. I enjoy getting in touch with other cultures from around the world and traveling when I can. I am passionate, loyal, punctual, and highly motivated to achieve my goals.

Najabi Giraldo
Customer Support

I am curious, committed, and responsible. I am passionate about problem-solving regardless of its knowledge field. I love learning, researching, and improving what I have learned. My efficiency and time management skills make me stand out from the rest.

Vanessa Atehortúa
Automation Tester

I'm passionate about nature and animals. I love to travel and self-improve myself. I love scary movies and science-fiction books. I like to spend time with my family, practice trekking with my pet, and doing macrame in my free time.

I'm a lover of challenges, learning new disciplines, and sharing my knowledge with others.

Jorge Villegas
DevOps Engineer

I'm passionate about technology, software development, and process automation.

I was born in 1985, and I'm from Medellin. I like to ride my bike, play the guitar, cook, and go for a walk. I'm outgoing, loyal, and collaborative. There is no goal I can't achieve.

Sara Medina
Human Resource Talent Coordinator

My name is Sara and I’m a psychologist specialized in Human Resource Management. I’m passionate about the well-being of others inside organizations, helping team members empower their talent, and taking the most out of everything I do for the budgeted results. I absolutely love when others are happy and fulfilled. I consider myself to be an empathetic, social, and ongoing person. During my free time I enjoy riding my bike, going to the movies, watching series, traveling, and a delightful cup of wine.

Mariana Clavijo
Project Manager

I’m very passionate about technology and the idea of creating something new everyday. I really enjoy my job, and always try to learn and experiment new things. Besides that, I enjoy listening to music, having a good conversation, and watching a great documentary!

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